Your Wallet for the Decentralized Web

It's time to put YOU in control - your digital identity, data, tickets, profiles and more

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Why Decentralized Identity

Your digital identity is everything that defines you in the digital world, a collection of all your personal data that is generated by the apps and services you use, with ABT Wallet you are in control of all of it.

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Use Your ABT Wallet

Built for you to manage your digital keys, data and more all in one place. We never store anything. Only You do!

Secure Sign-Up & Login

Use and reuse validated credentials. Authenticate without a username, password, 3rd party authenticator or token.

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Globally Available

Forgetting your wallet is a thing of the past. Take your data with you anywhere in the world - licenses, money, keys, contacts, and more.

Unparalleled Privacy

It's decentralized and it is yours. Identity data is encrypted and secure. You approve it. You revoke it. You decide.

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Self-Sovereign Identity

Verify your claims, proofs and attestations. Store Passports, health records, licenses and documents. Sign and receive digital signatures. See who is asking for information.

Experience ABT Wallet

Download the ABT Wallet and experience the decentralized web now. Enroll in a course, pay for content, manage your data and so much more. Please note that, some beta users will need to install the most recent version of the iOS ABT Wallet to use the demo.

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Wallet SDK Coming Soon

Want to add ABT Wallet, or let your users benefit from their own decentralized identity? Take your user experience to the next level by incorporating the Wallet SDK for your next project. Personalize experiences and ensure privacy for your users by creating serverless apps that let users store their own data.